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We are Aire Networks

We are a wholesale telecommunications operator that has been offering connectivity, communications, media, cloud and data centre solutions for more than 20 years. We stand out for our more than 20 proximity neutral data centres, 8 of them of our own, located throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, federated with the rest of the neutral data centres through our network of more than 33,000 km across Spain and Portugal, with presence in more than 90 POPs national and international. Thanks to our experience and highly qualified staff, we offer support in the digital transformation processes of companies and public bodies.

Since 2018 we have obtained support from various investment funds with which we have boosted our growth, both organic and inorganic, while maintaining the presence of the founding partners. In 2022, Magnum Capital sold its stake in Grupo Aire to Ardian Buyout. Thanks to this support we began a journey in which different technological companies have been acquired in order to expand the company’s range of services and which has resulted in the creation of Grupo Aire.

We are Grupo Aire

Grupo Aire is a group of telecommunications companies that offers connectivity, VoIP, Mobile Enabler, UcaaS and Cloud services to operators, companies and public bodies, with the aim of accompanying them in their digital transformation processes. A consolidated service provider in the national and international market, it is a leader in the IT sector in Iberia.

Destaca por sus más de 20 centros de datos neutros de proximidad ubicados por toda la Península Ibérica, federados con el resto de data centers neutros a través de su red de más de 33.000 km a lo largo de España y Portugal, con presencia en más de 90 POPs nacionales e internacionales.

The DNA of the company is technological, the high degree of knowledge of the solutions we offer allows us to be flexible to adapt to the needs of the customer accompanied by a highly qualified support service.

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Mission, vision, values

Passion for technology is the flame that lights our fuse. Since our beginnings we have sought to do what no one has done, how no one has done it and go where no one has gone. And we decided that,  on that path, we should also accompany companies towards the technological vanguard, offering them innovative solutions.

The essence of Grupo Aire is technological, it is the motivation to create and implement systems, software or any solution that then becomes part of the lives of millions of people, that makes their daily lives easier, that helps them to be connected and, at the same time, protected.

Because we defend a data culture with the highest standards of quality and protection, where we stand up to the big giants in other parts of the world. We believe in European data sovereignty, which is why we have taken on one of the memberships of Gaia-X, a European initiative that positions itself as the cradle of a federated and transparent digital ecosystem, where data and services can be available, collected and shared in an environment of trust, and from there we will continue to drive change.

We have had the immense good fortune to bring together a team of people who share the same motivations and values, who share our technological culture and who work day by day to make this great project possible. Therefore,our aims include contributing to their personal and professional development, being an egalitarian and inclusive company and improving the quality of life of all the people who participate in it.

We believe that technology and planet are closely linked and that is why we have set out to be part of the solution. The Planeta Aire project was created to become one of the most important initiatives of the Aire Group in the field of sustainability and in a transversal manner for all the companies that form part of the group. It will seek to develop the Aire Group’s non-financial balance sheet. The aim is to create a new pillar on which to base the values of the companies that form part of it, and which will make a significant contribution to achieving the SDGs. We are working every day to make this project as sustainable as possible, for which we periodically review our business model and try to incorporate as many good practices as possible. There is still a lot of work to be done and we assume our role in this mission that concerns us all.

From the beginning we knew that all these objectives could only be achieved by growing, so some time ago we decided to continue our journey together with investors. The figures have accompanied us year after year, experiencing a great growth that we plan to continue to maintain. Therefore, our commitment is also to offer the best possible economic results, but not only for our investors, but also to continue at the technological forefront in which we want to be.

On this path, our business partners play an important role, with whom we are committed to fair treatment and to seek all the synergies that allow us to grow together.

From our position of technological leadership and with the union of the different forces that make up Grupo Aire, we will continue working to be a force for change. And our mission, vision and values are our roadmap to achieve this.