Our  MVNO enabler model enables the creation of an MVNO operator without the need for infrastructure or technical knowledge. We have our own core, with a secure and redundant infrastructure in different datacenters.

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Mobile Enabler

Aire Networks, as a mobile enabler, provides operators with everything they need to create their own MVNO, without the need for infrastructure or technical resources of their own.

Aire Networks has its own network core, a consolidated technological infrastructure with great connectivity and offers operators a “turnkey” solution to market mobile telephony services in a simple and agile way.

In addition, it offers them personalisation, with their own network name (electrical profile), notification services, as well as 24/7 technical support.

The operator will have its own IMSIs, sub-allocated by Aire Networks from the range allocated by the ITU (international telecommunications union) for new MVNOs.

As a mobile enabler, it offers three different models of service delivery:

MVNO PS - Turnkey Model

  • It has been sub-allocated a numbering range and IMSI through the CNMC.
  • Manages the lines with the services and functionalities implemented by Aire in the mobile platform.
  • Download the CDRs for charging users with their defined tariffs and bonuses.
  • Decide on the commercial portfolio (default parameters, tariffs, services, PVP, etc).
  • Launches portabilities on your behalf via WS or via WebGUI against central node.


It is based on the previous model, but with two differences:

  • It largely develops its own applications, services and line usage parameters.
  • It launches portabilities through direct homologation against central node.


  • In this case, the operator has its own technological platform with all the elements necessary for the provision of the mobile service.
  • The operator manages in its own platform the control of tariffs, vouchers, consumption, cdr, cuts and automatic notifications.
  • Other equipment, infrastructure maintenance and licensing with the exception of the radio access network provided by the MNO.

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