We offer everything you need to launch your own TV platform. A customisable solution, with the operator’s brand and content. We also manage and transcode the content, taking care of all the technological part of the project.

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Broadcast your world
Modular software for creating OTT/IPTV platforms to offer a streaming experience of all your content compatible with a wide range of devices.

Perseo OTT Solutions is a modular software for creating OTT platforms. Create the streaming platform that fits the needs and expectations of your business. We provide robust and ready-to-implement modules for creating customized video, audio, or broadcasting streaming services.

OTT Solutions is an OTT platform developed entirely by Aire Networks that responds to the needs of content broadcasting in an “as a service” model.

The tool provides the ability to create and manage your own OTT platform, in a 100% configurable way, offering the possibility to create an interface according to the client’s corporate identity. Its CMS allows for comprehensive management of the platform and has advanced analytics capabilities. It allows from administrator management to content management, as well as obtaining automated reports, which makes it possible to obtain information on users’ content consumption, generate advertising campaigns, etc.

OTT Solutions can be adapted to all models of content reproduction.

Aire Networks, a provider specialising in telecommunications and cloud services for over 20 years, offers OTT Solutions its entire portfolio of media services that enable the collection, processing and broadcasting of signals.

OTT Solutions is the end-to-end solution for the creation and management of an OTT platform.

OTT Solutions offers you:

  • Multi-device platform: mobile and tablet apps (IOS & Android), web, Chromecast Smart TV.
  • High quality streaming: Live streaming, deferred and VoD.
  • Manages live streaming.
  • Simultaneous playback: thanks to the creation of user profiles.
  • Module for customisation.
  • Adaptive bitrate.
  • Multi-tenant.
  • Live streaming and on-demand content: tVoD | sVoD | aVoD
  • Creation of its own 100% configurable interface.
  • Data analytics: knowing how, when, who and where will allow you to design effective strategies.
  • Possibility of monetisation through ad insertion: boost your profits with advertising.
  • Perseo API.

In addition, as a wholesale operator, we can supply:

  • Transcoding: our transmission is able to adapt to any internet connection at the time to ensure retransmission.
  • nDVR: Dynamic content storage in the cloud.
  • IP transport: serve your content over our secure, ultra-fast network.
  • The CDNs are dynamically stored in our own datacenter.
  • Proximity Datacenter.

Your multimedia content anywhere you want it

Scalable and customized solutions for collecting, transporting, and delivering multimedia signals through the Aire Networks’ network.

Transport is our multimedia signal transport service that offers the ability to collect multimedia signals from various sources and deliver them wherever and however you need:

  • Live content.
  • On-demand content.

We provide scalable and customized solutions.

Convert your formats with ease and precision

Easily convert your channels and audiovisual content from one format, bitrate, and/or resolution to another, ensuring audience satisfaction.

Ensure audience satisfaction and compatibility of multimedia files with all devices.

The innovation of the traditional

Configurable and manageable cloud television platform to offer a streaming experience of live channels and video on demand compatible with a wide range of devices.

Perseo TV is an own brand television platform with advanced capabilities for user configuration and management, content, user interface, statistics, and advertising.

We deliver audiovisual content using OTT, IPTV, or hybrid technology to provide users with a streaming experience of live channels and video on demand compatible with a wide range of devices.

Multimedia digital signage software

Displays is a digital screen management tool for displaying informative, advertising, or promotional content anywhere.

Share your content simultaneously across all your devices to capture the attention of your target audience.

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