Backhaul - Jávea

Aire Networks, a national telecommunications operator and expert in dark fiber deployments, has been awarded the concession for the deployment of a neutral network in several municipalities under the file TSI-061100-2014-5, after competing with other operators in MINETAD projects. Consequently, it has carried out the appropriate work to provide this Alicante municipality with the necessary infrastructure so that operators can have a backhaul network to link with when providing their customers with the best technology available in Next Generation Networks (NGN), sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. This deployment is framed as a priority objective within the Digital Agenda for Spain approved by the Government.

Broadband consists of a state neutral network that allows local operators to provide end services in their localities, enabling citizens and businesses in the area to have access to this technology in their homes or premises, thus guaranteeing maximum performance in their connectivity services in the face of the high growth in demand for data traffic.

This deployment for the backhaul network is expected to have a direct impact on the creation of new companies, on attracting investment and on the emergence of new, more efficient business models, technologically enhancing the business fabric of the Jávea area, as well as the entrepreneur. Also, obviously, employment has been generated in the deployment itself: installation of equipment, transportation, technical support, paperwork, etc.

The arrival of fiber optics to the home with the intermediation of the local operator after linking with the backhaul network deployed by Aire, will mean for the citizens of Jávea an exponential improvement in the experience of using broadband at home, offering more than 100 megabytes of real speed, which opens a new range of digital services such as high definition television, online games, high quality videoconferencing or fast exchange of large files. Fiber optics offers companies and entrepreneurs in Jávea an important tool with which to improve their competitiveness.

Documentation available:

Click on the button to access the PDF file of the wholesale offer of access to Red Backhaul in Jávea.

Download the file javea.kmz, executable with Google Earth, to consult the deployed infrastructure.